Tour Techniques is really not about technique at all. We take the technical out of technique and show players the ONE thing any player must have to play their best regardless of ability level and the ONE thing every tour player has. Now you can own the same Tour Techniques as the tour players! Swing is only 5% of the game, there’s 95% of game most players never achieve. Now you can.

Tour Techniques is not about the latest swing theory. We believe golf instruction has become overly complicated and produce little to no results. Tour Techniques is more about learning to shoot lower scores not just about the swing. Our system is based on tour winning secrets passed down over the years and now you can benefit from the same information the greatest players have always known.

It is our belief the video cameras and all launch monitors have made learning more difficult for players at every level not less difficult. Our studies have shown that the over use of both video and launch monitors have increased scores not lowered them. This is true at not only the amateur level but also true of every tour around the world. We understand that there is always a time and place to know exact yardages or going thru a club fitting session which launch monitors can be good for but they will not lower scores as many think. Video has been used as more of a crutch than a useful way of making players better.
Have you ever had your swing compared side by side with a tour player? It can be demoralizing and should it really matter what it looks like. The best pitching coaches know the ONE thing that makes a great pitcher and you see a number of odd looking motions in the baseball hall of fame. Golf is no different, Arnold Palmer and Jim Furyk prove golf swings are not what they may appear.

Our goal with any coaching session is to take more out of a players mind than we put in. You will find the swing is much simpler than you’ve been told. Every player is told the ONE thing every player must have to be the best they can be. All players can expect to get off the range and onto course as fast as we possibly can. Driving ranges are not golf it’s our belief that on course coaching will transform a players game immediately and yield lasting results.

The Online Coaching portion on Tour Techniques is updated weekly with the latest Champions Corner and we add new content every month!

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